Our Life: Melbourne Quay HQ

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We wanted to share with you a look into the Melbourne Office of Quay Australia.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.


It’s not easy living in the world’s most livable City but somehow we manage to get by…

Quay office sunglasess display

Our wall is ever changing and sometimes it’s hard to keep up but that’s the BEST part. 

Lauren from Quay

Lauren is our newest Quay Family member and has quickly adapted to our quirky ways. She brings us lollies and crunches the numbers to make sure that our sunglasses get out and around the world and ultimately to you. 

Matt from Quay

Matt is our hands on guy when you order from our website your package passes through his careful hands and without him nobody would get any sunglasses! 

Lina from Quay

Megan is our caring loving mother here in the Australian office guiding us and answering our billion questions each day. She’s got a great collection of colourful T-Shirts to brighten our days.

Carlo Hilton from Quay

Hiiii this is me Carlo Hilton I'm usually out in the warehouse packing wholesale orders, replying to copious e-mails and making things look pretty. 


Thanks for joining us! 

See you again soon! 



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